Schedule of Fees
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Inital Base Fee & Set-Up Includes:
  • Collecting data concerning the Employer, its Employees and existing Benefit Programs
  • Analyzing Employee data to illustrate the costs under various alternatives
  • Designing the Plan to meet specific requirements of the Employer, including options such as eligibility requirements, vesting schedules, benefit formulas, and distribution options
  • Preparation of Plan & Trust Documents (amended for compliance as necessary)
  • Preparation of Summary Plan Descriptions
  • Applying for approval with the IRS, if necessary
  • Meeting with Employees to explain and answer questions pertaining to the Plan.
Annual Administrative Fees Include:
  • Annual review of payroll census data to determine eligible employees, employer profit sharing and other allocations
  • 401(k) Discrimination Testing throughout the plan year, as necessary
  • 401(a)(4) and 410(b) Discrimination Testing
  • Preparation and review of Employer Report, including summary of trust accounting
  • Preparation and review of Employee Certificates and Summary Annual Reports
  • Preparation and review of Annual Reports to the IRS, including all Form 5500 and Schedules, etc.
  • Electronic submission of Form 5500 and Schedules to the IRS
  • Annual meeting with employees to explain benefits and features, if requested
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